Brick by Brick - UK Charity in Malawi
About Us


Brick by Brick was established by two individuals, David Aarons and Sarah Vallance-Goode, who are initially funding the school building programme.




David is a former development economist with a large British consultancy firm. He has carried out many projects in Africa. He is now a property manager in London. Sarah has spent many years working in Africa focusing both on education and sport, and also as an expert research economist. She is currently Head of Careers and teaches languages at a prominent Cambridge school.

Their emphasis is on community involvement with education and the need for better education for girls. They have made numerous visits to Malawi and got to know many educational officers from the Education Minister, regional District Education Officers, and local Members of Parliament. They have met most of the people who live in the villages where they are building and have developed a good rapport with the village Elders.


Sarah laying bricks



They have a substantial store of knowledge about education in developing countries in general, and in Malawi in particular. They also know how to build... on their last visit, locals were surprised to see them making bricks, mixing cement and bricklaying!