Brick by Brick - UK Charity in Malawi


Kalimaziche is in the central region of Kasungu, about two hours by motor vehicle on a dirt track from the nearest town. Though there were two classrooms, they were both in bad condition and the children of this village and other nearby villages were being taught under trees (which meant no schooling in the rainy season) or were obliged to walk very long distances to other schools.

This was Brick by Brick's first venture in Malawi. The existing two classrooms were renovated, a third classroom built, and desks were provided for all three classrooms.


Kalimazichechildren holding bricks


Chiheni is also in the region of Kasungu, about half an hour by car from the nearest town. There was no existing school in the village and the children had to walk to the town of Kasungu over an hour away.

Brick by Brick built a two classroom school block with desks that is being used for four classes for the youngest students (a different class in each classroom in the morning and afternoon). We are now building a second school block with two more classes.


inside a schoolchiheni school