Brick by Brick - UK Charity in Malawi
Nkhata Bay


Tuwunda is in the Nkhata Bay area of Malawi in the North of the country. This is the poorest part of Malawi.

Tuwunda is particularly remote with a journey time of three hours by motor vehicle from the nearest town of Mzuzu. It has no electricity and no running water. There are no roads, only tracks, and the first step in building the school was to agree with the villagers that they would build a road of about three kilometers to the nearest track so that trucks could deliver building materials. Such was the enthusiasm of the village that this road was built in a month.

Like other villages the existing teaching arrangements were a mixture of long walks (1½ hours+) to neighbouring schools or volunteer parents (untrained) teaching the younger children under the village trees.

We are very happy that now there are three classrooms with desks and parents have started making school uniforms for their children. The government have built some teacher houses and we have started a second classroom block of three more classes. On our last visit the foundations had been laid and the walls built to roof height.


school blockteachers


Chittowi is also in Nkhata Bay region. Though less so than Tuwanda, it is still very remote. Currently there are a number of temporary school buildings, with thatched roofs that let the rain in and no walls. However there is a strong community spirit and the local MP recommended Brick by Brick help.

When we first visited this village, children were being taught under the trees. We have built a three classroom school block, and following massive demand we have agreed to build another block. We are waiting for the villagers to complete the foundations.

dancing village

Kamwala is in the same region as Tuwunda and Chittowi II. One school block has been built in the past but was left lacking a roof, crucial in the rainy season. Brick by Brick are supporting the school by funding a new school roof and building 2 further classrooms. When we last visited the roofs were on and the buildings were nearly finished.

class with no ceilingtemporary class

Brick by Brick is also active in the village Monsanto, which is an hour from the city of Mzuzu. When we arrived the children were also being taught under the trees. We agreed with the local member of Parliament to build a three class room block if the government would do the same. When we last visited the government block was completed. Our block is almost completed and is only waiting to be painted.

Mbeya is another village in the Nkhata Bay that has no school. Children have to walk for an hour to get to the nearest school- if they go at all. Brick by Brick has agreed to build a primary school. We have left this village with the task of making 80,000 bricks.