Brick by Brick - UK Charity in Malawi


Brick by Brick will initially build primary schools, and will provide financial support to school pupils who will be able to continue their education in secondary school and beyond.

It is considered essential that at least 50% of pupils are girls, and considerable effort will be made to discourage girls from dropping out. It is anticipated that Brick by Brick can improve on the current low proportion of girls who benefit from secondary education.

Brick by Brick is building in rural areas in Malawi that specifically want a school. We work with the village Elders and we require the village to demonstrate its commitment by making a substantial labour contribution to the school. In particular we expect the village to make bricks, and provide sand and quarry stone as well as all the required unskilled labour. Brick by Brick will provide the building materials and contribute toward skilled labour when the village cannot supply it.The Elders are asked to appoint a Building Committee which will take responsibility for the building work. We also work with the regional educational authority who help introduce us to the villages and monitor progress on our behalf.


children holding bricksbuilding a school


Brick by Brick has no overheads. It does not maintain a local office, and the building work is ultimately controlled by the principals of the charity who liase with the local education officers and who visit at regular intervals.

When the schools are completed the district education offices will take over the school, supply teachers and manage the schools in the normal way. Brick by Brick will continue to support the schools with supplementary teachers, books, stationery, uniforms, furniture and any other ways that are helpful.

Brick by Brick will also aim to further support the communities with a school food programme, adult literacy and education classes, health and hygiene facilities, and agricultural and environmental programmes.